DifferentialEquations.jl 4.3: Automatic Stiffness Detection and Switching

Okay, this is a quick release. However, There’s so much good stuff coming out that I don’t want them to overlap and steal each other’s thunder! This release has two long awaited features for increasing the ability to automatically solve difficult differential equations with less user input.

DifferentialEquations.jl 4.2: Krylov Exponential Integrators, Non-Diagonal Adaptive SDEs, Tau-Leaping

This is a jam packed release. A lot of new integration methods were developed in the last month to address specific issues of community members. Some of these methods are one of a kind!

DifferentialEquations.jl 4.1: New ReactionDSL and KLU Sundials

Alright, that syntax change was painful but now everything seems to have calmed down. We thank everyone for sticking with us and helping file issues as necessary. It seems most people have done the syntax update and now we’re moving on. In this release we are back to our usual and focused on feature updates. There are changes, but we can once again be deprecating any of our changes so that’s much easier on users.

DifferentialEquations.jl 4.0: Breaking Syntax Changes, Adjoint Sensitivity, Bayesian Estimation, and ETDRK4

In this release we have a big exciting breaking change to our API. We are taking a “now or never” approach to fixing all of the API cruft we’ve gathered as we’ve expanded to different domains. Now that we cover the space of problems we wish to solve, we realize many inconsistencies we’ve introduced in our syntax. Instead of keeping them, we’ve decided to do a breaking change to fix these problems.

DifferentialEquations.jl 3.4: Sundials 3.1, ARKODE, Static Arrays

In this release we have a big exciting breaking change to Sundials and some performance increases.

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