DifferentialEquations.jl v1.8.0

DifferentialEquations.jl v1.8.0 is a new release for the JuliaDiffEq ecosystem. As promised, the API is stable and there should be no breaking changes. The tag PRs have been opened and it will takes a couple days/weeks for this to be available. For an early preview, see the latest documentation. When the release is available, a new version of the documentation will be tagged.

DifferentialEquations.jl v1.6.0

DifferentialEquations.jl v1.6.0 is a stable version of the JuliaDiffEq ecosystem. This tag includes many new features, including:


A new set of tags will be going through over the next week. I am working with Tony to make sure there is no breakage, and for the most part the API has not changed. What has changed is the API for events and callbacks, there is a PR in DiffEqDocs.jl for the new API. The translation to the new API should be really easy: it’s almost the exact same thing but now a type-based API instead of a macro-based API (and will be cross-package). Also included is a new “integrator” interface which gives step-wise control over integration routines, starting with support from OrdinaryDiffEq.jl.

PDEs Update

Tags since the last blog post:

OrdinaryDiffEq v0.5

OrdinaryDiffEq.jl has received two tags. This latest tag, v0.5, adds compatibility with the latest Julia v0.6 nightly (similar changes have been added to many solvers like StochasticDiffEq.jl on master, but have not yet been tagged).

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